Loony Liberal Actress Claims London Terror 'May Be' a 'Set Up' by Trump

March 23rd, 2017 11:01 AM

Put this one in the loony lefty bin. Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette, known for winning the best supporting actress Oscar two years ago, revealed she’s a conspiracy theorist last night on Twitter. After an Islamic terrorist killed 4 people and wounded at least 40 others in London Wednesday, the actress claimed it was all a ruse by President Trump to distract us from the FBI investigation into his ties with Russia:

So far her tweet hasn’t received that much attention, but Arquette is certainly a media darling.

In 2015 the actress made headlines when she gave a politically charged acceptance speech at the Academy Awards on the fake “pay gap.” The media, of course, applauded her for days afterwards for championing the liberal talking point. All three news networks went out of their way to spread skewed statistics to support the actress’ points. CBS’ Scott Pelley gushed, “She has a point!” before repeating incomplete data to back up the wage gap theory.

Arquette followed up this tweet by offering to pay for a “one-way ticket” to Moscow for the president:

This isn’t the first conspiracy theory the actress believes about the president. She also tweeted about the unsubstantiated, but much reported, “dossier” about the President’s alleged sordid affairs while in Russia as if it were absolute truth, as well.