Whoopi Defends Tiffany Trump From Liberal Bullies

February 15th, 2017 2:42 PM

On Wednesday’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg stood up for Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany, after she was bullied by fashion magazine editors at New York’s Fashion Week. After Elle Magazine bragged about snubbing Tiffany Trump, Whoopi took the magazine to task for their rude behavior.

After addressing a tweet from Elle magazine’s senior fashion editor, who bragged about her peers changing seats so they didn’t have to sit next to Trump, Whoopi went on to blast the feminist magazine for attacking a woman because of her father’s politics.

WHOOPI: [N]obody's talking politics at -- you're looking at fashion! She doesn't want to talk about her dad. She's looking at the fashion. And for Elle magazine, a magazine that says it's a women's magazine to do this?

“You know what?” Whoopi said. “Tiffany, I’m coming to sit with you,” she added.

Co-host Sara Haines agreed with Whoopi, comparing the behavior to the movie Mean Girls.

HAINES: It's almost like we are living in a time where people are saying because it's Trump it's okay to bully her.

But Joy Behar tried to downplay the incident. “Maybe it's just a couple of people,” Behar said. Besides, she added, “Nobody attacked the Bush girls,” (a patently false claim that Jedediah Bila quickly corrected.)

Ironically, in the segment previous to this, Behar and Hostin argued with Bila that anti-immigrant bullies were a “large part” of the right. But when it comes to bullying from the left, it’s just “a few bad apples,” to Behar.

Whoopi responded that it didn’t matter if it was just a few “bad apples” because “the bad apples” had represented themselves as the magazine.

Addressing Trump directly, Whoopi offered again, “Tiffany, I’ll sit with you.”