Actress Mourns Obama Leaving Office: 'Greatest President' of 'Any of Our Lifetimes!'

December 15th, 2016 9:52 AM

Hollywood has certainly not been shy about their love for President Obama or their hatred for Donald Trump. But since the election, the Obama fawning and Trump loathing seems to have gotten worse. Wednesday night’s The Late Show on CBS was a prime example of this, when comedic actress Megan Mullally had a meltdown over Obama leaving office.

The actress known for her roles on Will and Grace and Parks and Recreation, started the interview by sharing how sad she was that President Obama was leaving the White House. She told a story of how her and her husband, actor Nick Offerman, were invited to the White House the night before where she had the opportunity of confessing her undying love for the President. Mullally admitted to begging Obama not to leave office and breaking down after he hugged her.

MULLALLY: So, we got to meet President Obama

[Audience breaks into cheers and applause]

MULLALLY: Yeah [shaking head and clapping].

She continued:

MULLALLY: So he’s coming down this line of people and we happen to be the very last people. And so, he shook my hand, then he made a joke, and he was charming and amazing, and then I said, ‘Listen, I really love you and we don’t want you to go.”  

[audience cheer and applause]

MULLALLY: He gave me a hug and he said, ‘We’re not going anywhere.’ [applause]

MULLALLY: And he walked out the door and I mean...I’m not talking about a cute, single tear, I mean, burst into wrenching sobs, doubled over. Nick had to get out his handkerchief and sort of block me from view because I was embarrassing myself.

If she thought this story was embarrassing, what she said next was even more embarrassing:

“But, you know, I mean, that’s the greatest President and First Lady in any of our lifetimes,” Mullally gushed to Colbert. The audience applauded enthusiastically in agreement yet again.

“So far, so far” host Stephen Colbert added.

Colbert then reminded her she once worked with Donald Trump, holding up a picture of her and Trump in a Green Acres parody during the Emmy’s in 2006. She responded, “See this photo? Otherwise known as my suicide note.”

“Any chance you’re going to get a cabinet position?” Colbert asked Mullally.

“Do you have a barf bag back there?” she joked. Colbert continued to prod Mullally to share what she really thought about Trump. After unsuccessfully trying to get Mullally to compliment Trump as “a professional,” an irritated Mullally responded:

“No, I’m not giving him any points or anything, sorry.” She pretended to gag into a napkin later on as Colbert teased her again about working with Trump.