Blow Encourages Liberals Upset About Trump Victory: ‘You Are on the Right Side of History’

December 12th, 2016 11:39 AM

Poor liberals! The New York Times’ resident drama queen columnist Charles Blow understands your pain. Blow’s melodramatic op-ed in Monday’s paper pathetically tries to soothe the left’s hurt feelings over the election by praising their moral superiority over Trump voters. After stroking egos, Blow calls for the left to move from “being alarmed” to “actively opposing” Trump’s agenda.

His visceral diatribe starts off with a call to action.

BLOW: Nothing is safe or sacrosanct in Donald Trump's developing governance team, and America had better start being alarmed about it and moving to actively oppose it. The time for voting has elapsed, but the time for being vocal has emerged.

He follows this with a litany of typical liberal fear-mongering over each of Trump’s cabinet picks, complete with jargon like “anti-abortion” and “climate change denier.” Blow then frets that Trump appeared to be trying to “destroy these agencies from the inside out, the way a worm slowly devours an apple.” Conservatives would argue that taking some power away from bloated government agencies whose excessive regulations hurt the economy is actually a good thing. But Blow, like the rest of the media, takes any little step to more government accountability as the end of civilization as we know it.

He then goes on to comfort Hillary’s voters that they are not alone but in the majority. Not only that, but most people don’t trust Trump, according to polls, and people he talks to. Hmm, I wonder how politically diverse New York Times’ columnist’s social circles are?

BLOW: Since the election I have heard from more people than I can count who express fear and anxiety about Trump and the future of the country. There is a stifling sense of discontent and foreboding and apprehension.

After reassuring his readers that they are in the majority, he consoles them by appealing to their moral superiority.

I know that it can feel like we are all drowning in a deluge of compounding outrages, with every headline about this impending administration appearing to one-up the last, but take heart. You may have been on the losing side of this year's election, but you are on the right side of history. In the final tally, courage will always defeat fear; love will always conquer hate; the beautiful diversity of America, and indeed all of humanity, will always outshine the darkness of racial enmity.

Blow’s overblown op-ed isn’t a depart from his usual style. Every few days the Times publishes one of his tirades against Trump, calling him “madman of the year,” and his cabinet “agents of idiocracy,” most recently.  Blow’s extreme intolerance for viewpoints other than his own even comes across on television, where he appears frequently on CNN. Last August, he blew up at a Trump surrogate, demanding that CNN take him off the air. Again on December 1 he admitted, that he really doesn’t care what Trump’s supporters think.