Ladies of ‘The Talk’ Deem Sarah Palin ‘Ignorant’ but ‘Hot’

October 29th, 2010 4:36 PM

Is there anything that Sarah Palin says that doesn’t get twisted by the liberal media?

In response to a clip of an “Entertainment Tonight” interview with Sarah Palin, the ladies of ‘The Talk’ misconstrue Palin’s response in order to project her as ignorant.

The highlighted interview question was “How does it feel to be one of the most polarizing figures in America today?” Palin replied “I think that that is a bit perplexing, because I think what is polarizing about believing in the United States Constitution and our Declaration of Independence and all those things that it stands for and what our founding mothers and fathers in this country meant for America to keep building upon? Those are the things that I believe in. Wha’s extreme about that? How is that polarizing? So I'm still perplexed by that.”

(Video below the fold)

Co-host Sara Gilbert quickly responded, “I think if you're ever going to run for president of the United States or vice president of the United States, you should be in touch with why you are polarizing,” to which Julie Chen responded, “I believe her. I believe that she doesn't understand. I believe she doesn't understand why people find her polarizing.”

It’s obvious that Palin’s point is that for a politician to have a firm belief in the principals of the American founding should not be seen as polarizing. Since when should patriotism be polarizing? However, these ladies choose to ignore the obvious point, and instead take a jab at Palin’s intelligence. 

In a grand display of their own intelligence, the hosts quickly digress from talking about Palin’s politics to focusing on Palin’s appearance. Julie Chen tells a story about her husband meeting Palin and immediately afterward he “called me up to tell me how hot she is. ‘I swear to you, he said, guess who just left my office. You know what? She's hot!’”

The ever-charming Sharon Osbourne chimed in with “She is very attractive, but she's the type that you know the classic rock videos, the secretary, the teacher. She lets down her hair. She takes the glasses off. She unbuttons the shirt. Yeah, that's what she's like. Must be. I mean, I don't get it. But men obviously want it.”

In an attempt to write Palin off as a no-nothing air head, these ladies came off as rather ignorant themselves.