Mike Barnicle Busted Watching Red Sox Opener During MSNBC Coverage

April 5th, 2016 4:44 PM

Liberal columnist and lifelong Red Sox fan Mike Barnicle got busted by his colleague Joe Scarborough Tuesday afternoon for watching the Red Sox play their season opener on the road in Cleveland via his smartphone while on set. Barnicle apparently struggled to turn off the volume.

"Would you help us turn it off?! He's got MLB.com on," Scarborough complained. "He's got the Red Sox-Indians game on under the desk. And he doesn't know how to turn off the volume," panelist Willie Geist explained. While a curious Mika Brzezinski asked "What's the score?", Scarborough chided Barnicle for watching "preseason" baseball, correcting himself moments later after his panelists noted that, yes, the regular season was now underway: