Twitter Takes a 'Moment' to Puff Obama's Forthcoming State of the Union

With President Obama preparing to deliver his last State of the Union next Tuesday, the folks at Twitter thought they'd celebrate by making a "Moment" of it, collating a number of tweets related to the forthcoming address. But the end result was more or less a gauzy advertisement for the president's speech. 

The Moment title card is headlined "What to expect from Obama's final State of the Union" and the corresponding image, via the @BarackObama account, is the president adjusting his collar while smirking at the camera as though cockily checking himself out in a mirror. 

The Moment itself is comprised of 10 tweets, with two from the White House Twitter account – they're both videos, one encouraging folks to watch Tuesday and the other a 4-minute-long clip from the 2010 State address – two from Speaker Paul Ryan, one jokey tweet from comedian Desus Nice, and the rest from media sources.  Among the latter, this is the most pro-Obama of them, by CNNMoney's Heather Long: 



As regards the selection of Nikki Haley, Twitter did include one conservative CNN pundit who expressed her wish that Gov. Haley would be "the woman who will break the GOP SOTU response curse," but the New York Times's Jonathan Martin was also thrown in the mix with a Trump-related dig at the GOP:





You can check out the "moment" here.

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