US News's Milligan: GOP Committing 'Suicide' By Admitting Benghazi Probe Has Political Dimension

October 15th, 2015 8:53 PM

Hillary Clinton doesn't need to rail again against the evils of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" these days since Republicans are all too eager to openly admit they're out to get her, U.S. News & World Report's Susan Milligan insisted on Thursday's edition of Hardball. Indeed, she quipped the GOP was committing "suicide" politically in the process.

"Isn't it great?" host Chris Matthews replied.

Milligan made her remarks during a roundtable discussion centered on news that another Republican congressman, Rep. Richard Hanna (N.Y.), has publicly acknowledged that there's political benefit in the Benghazi probe in terms of dragging down Hillary's poll ratings.

Here's the relevant transcript:

Oct. 15, 2015; 7:53 p.m. Eastern

SUSAN MILLIGAN, U.S. News & World Report: I mean, the amazing thing is that she does not even have to talk about a vast right-wing conspiracy and have people make fun of her for it, because they're doing it on their own.

I mean, for a party whose members don't believe in assisted suicide, they're doing a pretty good impression of it. They look ridiculous now with their majority leader and a another Republican member and a former staffer saying that this is basically a hit on Hillary Clinton.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Isn't it great? Democrats do have that. The tape is great, isn't it?


MATTHEWS: Once it exists. I mean, you know, Kevin McCarthy will always have that tape. As long as he lives. That tape will be sitting somewhere out in the, somewhere between here and Mars somewhere, be retrievable, and it will always say this thing was political.