CNN's 'OutFront' Worries USMC Fitness Test Half of Women Recruits Fail May Not Be 'Fair'

"Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail pull-ups requirement. Is the test fair?" That's how the Facebook page for CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront teased a story on the topic to air on Friday's 7 p.m. Eastern program. [see screen capture below page break]

It remains to be seen how fair and balanced the story itself may be, but the tease to the story clearly presents things from a liberal perspective putting the U.S. Marine Corps on the defensive in service of a socially liberal objective: inclusion of women in front-line combat billets.

For what it's worth, most of the commenters on the page have voiced concern that the Corps may weaken the standards or permit unequal standards for men and women who are supposed to serve side-by-side in combat.

You can check out the Facebook posting and its comments by clicking here.

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