Live Blog: May 13 Obama/Cameron Press Conference

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron will take questions from reporters in a joint press conference to be held shortly at the White House. The president is expected to be asked about revelations that IRS officials targeted Tea Party groups for audits. I'll be watching the conference and transcribing the questions below the page break.

In the comments section, tell us what questions you'd ask the president.

President Obama took to the podium at about 11:41 a.m., giving a lengthy opening statement.

Prime Minister Cameron delivers his opening statement at 11:46 a.m.

11:53: Julie Pace of Associated Press asks when president first learned about IRS scandal. Pace additionally asks if White House misled the public on the talking points on Benghazi. Pace also asks Cameron question on Syria.

12:02 BBC reporter asks Cameron about EU referendum, then asks Obama "How concerned are you taht members of David Cameron's cabinet are now contemplating withdrawal?"

12:12 President Obama concludes press conference, which featured only queries from two reporters, one American and one British.

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