Liberal WashPost Columnist Courtland Milloy Slams 'False Hope and Folly in Gun-Control Bill'

In January, I noted how liberal Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy shared with his readers the story of courageous African-American civil rights activists in the South who fended off threats of terroristic violence by the KKK by being well armed to fight back. Well this morning, Milloy published another pro-gun rights column, this one full of fiery indignation at liberal nonsense on gun control and highly critical of President Obama.

"I don't believe that Obama is out to take my gun -- as some on the far right believe," the gun-owning liberal scribe wrote. "But he sure seems bent on harassing me into giving it up," Milloy groused, adding later that, "[w]hat will fool naive citizens about gun control will not fool criminal gunslingers," Milloy insisted. "They know when a politician is firing blanks. They've heard them shoot off at the mouth too many times before." To read the full piece, click here.

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