WashPost Gossip Page Gushes Over New Emanuel Brothers Book

January 30th, 2013 4:13 PM

They're "the hottest brother act since the Kennedys: tougher than the Mannings, smarter than the Baldwins, more profane than the Sheens," gush Washington Post gossip columnists Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger in today's The Reliable Source lead item headlined "Showing the love of tough brothers."

"Get ready -- the Emanuel boys are taking their show on the road," Roberts and Argetsinger enthused, noting the promotional tour that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), his elder brother Zeke -- an Obama health-care policy advisor --, and younger brother Ari --a high-powered Hollywood agent -- are taking to promote Zeke's new memoir "Growing Up Emanuel":

“The impatient, pushy Emanuel style is so well known that during a recent job interview I was asked, point-blank, whether I had the levelheaded temperament the position required,” writes Zeke in his upcoming “Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family.”

Also: Wicked smart, aggressive and media-savvy. The trio will lead the publicity juggernaut for the book, which comes out in late March. First an excerpt in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue with a photo spread by Annie Leibovitz, strategic TV appearances and other supersecret interviews. (Which probably explains why they didn’t get back to us for comment Tuesday. )

A Random House spokeswoman couldn’t tell us why Zeke decided to write the memoir or if his brothers — the three are both famously competitive and close — signed off on the book. But we do know a little more about how the three middle-class kids from Chicago, quick to yell or throw a punch, grew up[.]

In fairness, this is in a gossip column, not the A-section, but still, it's a rather syrupy promo piece for both Emanuel's book and the Vanity Fair spread which excerpts from it.