NB Publisher Bozell Sees Media 'Waterloo' in 2012 Campaign; 'Absolutely No Way' Liberal Media Reflect Most Americans' Values

It's no secret that the liberal media have boosted Obama with bias by commission, going out of their way to treat him with gauzy coverage, softball interviews, and by hyping his celebrity status, but bias by omission played an even larger role in the media's part to ensure the president's reelection, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Stuart Varney this morning. [see video below page break]

Appearing on the November 7 edition Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. shortly after 10 a.m., Bozell, also the founder and president of the Media Research Center, told the audience that the media simply "stopped reporting the news" on things that would, if covered, make Obama look bad. The only questions which remain, Bozell added were:

What, at the end of the day was the actual impact of that bias?.... Was this the press's Waterloo? Was this their high-water mark, given that it's going to be a huge issue in the next four years, and I think with the explosion, the greater explosion on the Internet, and the growth of Fox News, you may see this as the beginning of the end of the old media.

"So you think this may change?" Varney inquired. "Oh, I do," argued Bozell, noting that "There is absolutely no way" that the liberal media "represents the beliefs of the American people." What's more, "There is no way in which the media can look themselves in the media and say they were reporting news in this [election] cycle."

"To the degree that the American people recognize that reality, so too are they going to turn off this media," Bozell concluded.

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