Fox News's Chris Wallace: Media Needs to 'Stop All This Nonsense' About Canceling GOP Convention for Hurricane

August 28th, 2012 4:47 PM

Noting that President Obama is not taking a break from campaigning, despite Hurricane Isaac's imminent landfall, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace noted this morning that the media should "stop all this nonsense about whether or not the Republicans should hold their convention tonight."

President Obama "isn't canceling his campaign. He's continuing to politick, because, guess what, what he's doing has no effect, good or bad, on what's going to happen to those folks along the Gulf Coast," Wallace told America's Newsroom host Martha McCallum. [MP3 audio here; video follows page break]

"Obviously if something catastrophic happens, you change your plan," McCallum added, prompting Wallace to disagree. "Why wouldn't you continue to hold this convention?" he wondered.

"It would be, in some eyes, insensitive," McCallum offered.

"I remember when John McCain canceled his campaign for about 48 hours during the financial crisis in 2008, Barack Obama said a president's got to be able to do more than one thing at a time," Wallace recalled. "This party can do more than one thing, they can sit there and pay, you know, the attention that is deserved to the folks in the Gulf Coast, and go ahead and speak about this very important choice that the country is facing in November."

"Good point," McCallum replied.