Eleven Democratic State Chairmen, Nancy Pelosi Push for 'Freedom to Marry' DNC Platform Plank; Will Media Ask Obama's Position?

"Eleven Democratic state party chairs will announce their support today for a proposed 'freedom to marry' plank in the 2012 Democratic platform," Politico's Alexander Burns reported this morning. Among other high-powered backers of the platform petition is none other than former House Speaker and current Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Yet nowhere in Burns 9-paragraph story did Burns seek comment from the Obama White House about whether the president -- whose 2008 campaign position was that he is "not in favor" of it because marriage is "between a man and a woman" -- takes a stance on the issue of adopting the platform plank. What's more, Burns failed to note that a recent survey shows only 49 percent of African-American voters -- who are among the most loyal of Democratic voters and staunchest Obama backers -- support same-sex marriage. The same survey shows that 42 percent of Catholic voters, a key swing voting bloc, oppose same sex marriage. Thirty-eight percent of political independents also oppose gay marriage.

While the media have repeatedly hyped how social issues may harm the appeal of the Republican Party and its presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, there's decidedly little focus by the media on how gay rights activists within the Democratic Party can make life uncomfortable for President Obama by pushing a social issue onto the platform that the president, for political expediency, would like to ignore.

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