Liberal Actor Don Cheadle Slams NBC for Selective Editing of Zimmerman Tape

It's not every day that Obama donor Don Cheadle and NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell agree on something.

As the Academy Award-nominated actor's Twitter feed shows, he has no use for liberal media outlets distorting the news through selective editing. Cheadle isn't buying NBC's lame excuses and half apologies for its edits of the Zimmerman 911 call, as the folks at Twitchy have noted, documenting Cheadle's tweets on the matter.

"It was 'an error made in the production process that we deeply regret.' Really? 'Error?' Anybody out there know anything about editing?" Cheadle tweeted yesterday.  This was a "Dangerous subject matter to be f*cking with. Irresponsible, incendiary and completely counter to the furtherance of justice for either side," Cheadle complained.

For more, check out Twitchy's posts here and here.

Corrected from earlier (10:02 a.m. EDT, April 6): I mistakenly wrote that Cheadle had won an Academy Award. He was nominated for but did not win an Oscar for his role in Hotel Rwanda.

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