Shorter Alex Wagner: Don't Let a Tragic School Shooting Go to Waste

Former Obama chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel is infamous for counseling to "never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Well, self-confessed Second Amendment foe Alex Wagner seems determined to not let Monday's deadly school shooting go to waste. For a third day in a row, Wagner complained about the nation's political climate when it comes to gun control legislation, even as Wagner seems to concede that new legislation would do little if anything to prevent school shootings from actually happening.

"It's not a reason every time this happens [school shootings] to say, 'why can't we have gun control?'" radio host and panel member Kurt Andersen argued. "You know, we would have to be Britain and essentially outlaw guns in order to prevent crazy kids from shooting their friends," Andersen concluded.

Don't give Alex any ideas, there, Kurt!

Wagner admitted her problem wasn't so much lack of new gun control laws as changes to old ones.

"I think it's interesting that [Gov.] Kasich in Ohio is trying to loosen gun laws," Wagner confessed.

Alas, panelist Patricia Murphy of Citizen Jane Politics chimed in, "Democrats have vulnerable members in rural districts, they have vulnerable members in the Senate" and with a battle over Senate control at stake in November, "they don't want to go anywhere near the NRA" because "they would get clobbered."

"It's one of the few times Congress doesn't do something totally reactionary that may or may not even solve the problem that there is," Murphy observed.

How exactly that's a bad thing, well, you'd have to have Wagner explain.

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