WashPost Print Edition Ignores March for Life

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) addressed the 39th annual March for Life this morning, a speech the media were alerted to five days ago. Conservative Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-Va.) is the keynote speaker for tonight's Rose Dinner. Yet despite these news makers participating in annual pro-life rally, the Washington Post completely ignored the story in its print pages today.

There wasn't even anything in the Metro section about the march's downtown route and how commuters can prepare for altered traffic patterns, limited parking, and increased Metrorail ridership which are all impacts of the March's massive size. The Post usually at least devotes some information in the Metro section for major marches, demonstrations, and traffic-impacting events like marathons.

The Washington Post does have ongoing online coverage of the March for Life, but ignoring the March in today's paper altogether is telling.

Over the weekend, the Post provided two glowing items related to the ongoing Occupy DC protests, which is, suffice to say, much smaller in size than the annual March for Life and much tinier than the pro-life movement in America writ large.

We'll check back tomorrow to see what coverage, if any, the paper devoted to the March after the fact. As we noted last year, the Post did provide fair coverage in a Metro section piece the day after the 2011 March for Life, even as the major broadcast networks completely ignored the story.

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