Bleacher Report: Tim Tebow 'Most Polarizing Figure In All of Sports'

Do you sometimes get the sense that sports journalism is where wannabe general assignment reporters hack it out until they get a break in the traditional general news media?

According to the folks at, "Tim Tebow Is Now the Most Polarizing Figure in All of Sports." (h/t Rush Limbaugh)

"[L]ike it or not, Tebow has been able to capture the attention of the country in a way that no other athlete has been able to do in a long, long time," Bleacher Report's Ross Bentley noted.

Yesterday's Steelers-Broncos matchup "was no ordinary NFL playoff game, this was the most polarizing figure in sports, achieving his first true success as a professional and furthering the Tim Tebow legend," Bentley added.

It's quite obvious that many bitter liberals in sports journalism don't like the fact that Tebow is THE story in pro football right now, but aside from the haters in the media, how exactly has Tebow been polarizing?

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