To ESPN, Hank Jr.'s Bad Hitler Joke About Obama Worse Than Rapist Tyson's Crass Comment About Palin

October 6th, 2011 5:15 PM

A bad joke about President Obama that involved Adolf Hitler is apparently unpardonable to ESPN, whereas a crass sexual reference about former Gov. Sarah Palin (R), well, that may actually be riotously funny to some at the network.

ESPN today announced that it will no longer use Hank Williams Junior's "Are You Ready for Some Football" to promote the network's "Monday Night Football" programming after Williams's comment on Monday's "Fox & Friends" comparing the famous Boehner/Obama golf outing to Adolf Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Monday the network pulled Williams's promo for the October 3 game by saying in a statement, "We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast."

Yet to our knowledge, we at NewsBusters are unaware of any similar edict by ESPN to prevent former boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson from returning on the network's programming or of any disciplinary action against the radio hosts who allowed Tyson to Palin "met the wombshifter" when she allegedly had a fling with basketball player Glen Rice.

Indeed, as the Sister Toldjah blog noted on September 20, ESPN radio host Mitch Moss tweeted his approval of Tyson's crass humor:

WOW! @miketyson just made his most epic appearance ever with Gridlock! #wombshifter??! Are you serious?! My head hurts from laughing.

Mitch Moss is still co-hosting Gridlock on ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas and can be found on Twitter here. It appears he's since thought better of his Tyson tweet and deleted it.

You can find the screen capture on Sister Toldjah's blog, however.