MSNBC's Craig Melvin to Sen. Barrasso: Isn't GOP 'Out of Step' with Voters on Tax Hikes?

New MSNBC daytime host Craig Melvin is quickly adapting to the network's liberal ethos.

Melvin, who was hired this summer from Washington, D.C. NBC station WRC-TV, pressed Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) from the left in an interview shortly after noon today about Republican opposition to President Obama's call for tax hikes on higher income earners.

Melvin first tried to get Barrasso to distance himself from Speaker John Boehner's comment in which he compared giving the federal government more money to giving a cocaine addict more cash.

"How does the drug addict reference advance dialogue in the country right now?" Melvin complained.

"We as a nation are addicted to spending. We need to get the spending under control," Barrasso, a medical doctor, answered.

Melvin then turned to citing polls showing Americans favoring tax hikes on the wealthy. "Are all of those polls wrong or is your party's position on raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, is it out of step with popular opinion now?"

In response, Barrasso noted that there are "lots of Democrats who are running for election in 2012" who would vote against Obama's plan.

"So, senator, you are fundamentally opposed, is it safe to say, fundamentally opposed to increasing taxes, to generating more revenue in this country?" Melvin retorted.

"I am for generating more revenue in this country by having more people working and more taxpayers, not higher taxes on those who are working today," Barrasso replied, adding, "In economic times like these, the last thing you want to do is raise taxes."

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