Boston Globe's Pierce: 'Half the Country Sinks' While GOP Denies Global Warming

"Today on the program, we'll ask whether Americans are losing the skills of true debate and with it a central pillar of this democracy," BBC's Jonny Dymond informed listeners of the May 15 "Americana" podcast.

Yet when it came to Dymond's guests, there was no dissent from the liberal line. 

Take guest  Charles Pierce, a Boston Globe columnist and author of "Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free."

During his segment, Pierce decried the state of debate in America over global warming lamenting that "it is impossible to accept the reality of global climate change and get nominated in the Republican Party."


"We're saying Mother Nature doesn't exist and by God we're going to be sitting here armored in our ignorance while half the country sinks," Pierce quipped, chalking up Mississippi River flooding to global warming.

In addition to Pierce, Dymond profiled debate champion and liberal New York Times reporter Mark Oppenheimer and ran a gauzy segment about the late liberal writer Norman Mailer.

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