WaPo Poll: 62% of Virginians Approve of GOP Governor; Paper Shuffles Story to Metro Section

A new Washington Post poll of Virginians finds that Old Dominion voters are optimistic about the direction of the state, approve of the job of their conservative governor, and are divided on the question of same-sex marriage.

Guess how the Post handled reporting the results.

That's right, the paper hyped the same-sex marriage numbers on A1 but shuffled the good news for McDonnell over to page B1, even though an astonishing 50 percent of Old Dominion Democrats approve of his job in office, and arguably by extension his conservative policies.


Perhaps that's not too surprising given the paper's track record of bashing McDonnell during the 2009 gubernatorial campaign over his master's thesis and the paper's ongoing efforts to lambaste the governor for not supporting tax increases to pay for transportation projects.

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