Time's Pickert Worries About 'Second Brutal Court Blow' to ObamaCare

Time's Kate Pickert sees trouble on the horizon for ObamaCare with another federal judge hinting he may find the individual mandate provision of the legislation unconstitutional.

Pickert promises such a ruling by federal District Court Judge Roger Vinson "would be a second brutal court blow to the Obama Administration."

Nowhere in her brief December 16 blog post did Pickert entertain the notion that the individual mandate itself is a "brutal blow" to individual liberty or the notion of limited constitutional government.

Indeed, while Pickert noted the Obama administration "argues the Commerce Clause gives the feds power to require everyone have insurance," she failed to quote the commerce clause itself, wherein her readers would be hard-pressed to find such a grant of power:

The Congress shall have Power.... To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

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