How Bazaar: Vampy Katie Couric Video

Just when you forgot the horrifying images of the "Dance, Katie, Dance" special captionfest.

"The culture's come a long way, baby, what with two female solo anchors now presiding over America's three major network-news shows," purred Phoebe Eaton of Harper's Bazaar magazine in a feature in which she interviewed CBS "Evening News" anchor Katie Cougar, er, Couric.

But while she celebrated how Katie "peel[ed] Sarah Palin like a raw carrot on issues of foreign policy and the economy," Eaton included a vampy video of Couric at a photo shoot all dolled up for the fashion cameras and talking about such serious affairs as what makes her feel sexy (little black dresses) and the source of her good looks (genetics).

Sample sound bite: "I've been very fortunate. All the girls in my family have pretty good legs, I guess."

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