On Twitter, MSNBC's Shuster Plugs Old MoveOn.org-sponsored Poll on Public Option

"This is two* weeks old... but, it's the most recent polling on public option. http://bit.ly/KCu9x"  MSNBC's David Shuster posted to his Twitter page today around 5:45 p.m.

But pulling the thread from Shuster's tweet unravels through two liberal blogs and ends at none other than MoveOn.org (h/t MRC's Stu James).

The link in question takes readers to the liberal ThinkProgress blog, which in turn links to a Sam Stein item at the Huffington Post, which in turn links to a SurveyUSA poll taken on August 19 and published on August 20.

Over in the sidebar for the survey, we learn that the sponsor was none other than "MoveOn.org Political Action" (see screencap below):


*Shuster's math is a little off. The poll is 19 days old, making it a nearly 3-week-old poll.

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