CNN's Veronica De La Cruz Seeking Biracial Interviewees Attending the Inauguration

Veronica De La Cruz photo from her Web siteCNN's Veronica De La Cruz is looking for biracial Americans planning on attending the Obama inauguration to potentially interview for a documentary project she is working on.

[Update: De La Cruz informed me that the documentary project is separate from her work at CNN]

Posted at her Twitter page a few minutes ago:

Re: Inauguration: If u know anyone who's going -- who is mixed race/ bi-racial and would be interested in being interviewed, pls contact me!

I'm sure De La Cruz won't have trouble finding Obama fans who fit her criteria. If you know of conservative or libertarian critics of Obama who happen to be biracial and plan on attending the inauguration you can let her know on Twitter @VeronicaDLCruz.

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Photo of De La Cruz from an unofficial fan page,

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