Roseanne Barr to Prop 8 Backers: To the Gulag, Go!

Comedian, radio talk show host and blogger Roseanne Barr has a special place she wants to send Californians -- including blacks, Catholics, and Mormons -- who voted for Proposition 8. Too bad they'd have to time travel at least 17 years back in time to get there.

Picking up her never-ending screed against those she considers enemies of well, humanity, Barr wished to be able to send voters in favor of the California constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman to the now-defunct Soviet Union:

From her November 13 blog entry entitled, "boycott these hateful anti american donors to 8" [sic]:

Let's expose these evil doctors accountants dentists business owners, pastors who hate the united states of america and seek to overthrow its guarantees of equality and rights to all of its citizens. these disgusting supporters of hatred should not be hired, or socialized with or not allowed to enjoy life in this country which they despise!!!! These people should be forced to emigrate to the soviet union where they will be more comfortable with other totalitarians that hate freedom!!!

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