Chgo Sun-Times's Sweet: Biden Meant Any Candidate Would Be Tested

Chicago Sun-Times Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet told a Chicago radio duo this morning that Sen. Joe Biden was not referring specifically to Barack Obama in his now-famous comment at a fundraiser that the Illinois senator would be "tested" by a crisis in the first six months of his administration. (h/t e-mail tipster Rose Wagner)

From the October 22 Don Wade & Roma Show on WLS 890-AM in Chicago (audio here, fast forward to about 2/3rds way through):

LYNN SWEET, Chicago Sun-Times: It turns out that the Republican National Committee spent more than 150,000 [dollars on Gov. Palin's wardrobe].

DON WADE, co-host: Wait a minute. It's hard to focus on a story like that when Joe Biden is warning that we're going to have an international crisis if Barack Obama is elected and nobody wants to talk about that. Nobody's asked Joe Biden what do you mean by that?

SWEET: Actually, I think he was asked for a follow-up on that.

WADE: He was?

SWEET: That's certainly a meaty subject too.

WADE: Meaty?! I mean, he says that Barack Obama's response to the international crisis is going to be perceived as wrong and we're going to need your support within the community because the polls are going to go into the toilet, we're going to need your help because he's going to respond wrong. What does he mean by that?

ROMA: What do think he's predicting?

SWEET: Okay, what do I think Biden is predicting?

ROMA: Yes.

SWEET: Well, I think whoever is the new president will probably have-- I, I think this is not Obama-specific.

WADE: Oh yeah, it is. He specifically talked about the 47-year old.

ROMA: A young, 47-year old-

SWEET: Yeah, I know he said, but that's what I thought, I don't think it's Obama- or McCain-specific.

WADE: Wow. Gee, Lynn, that's-

ROMA: It was to his supporters. Did you read the verbatim of it?

SWEET: Yeah, actually, I'm one of the few people that posted the whole thing on my blog so people could read the whole point on it. I'm not saying it isn't worth discussion. I'm just-

WADE: Well, how did he get the insight into what Obama's response would be that would be perceived as wrong? What would be that response, I mean he must know something, right? That's what it would indicate. I dunno. Well, we'll read more about it.

SWEET: Right. And this one, I don't want to conjecture here. Ask me about something more about that I am used to talk about, money, politics.

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