Katie Couric: Andy Rooney In a Skirt?

Katie Couric's Notebook graphic | NewsBusters.orgWhen she's not using her vlog to further a biased take on the news, I've noticed that Katie Couric often complains about rather trivial nuisances in her Notebook segments posted on her Couric & Co. blog. Couric's June 18 edition sounds like a shorter and perkier version of an Andy Rooney rant on the topic of the decline of the wrist watch's popularity with the kids these days.

You see, with more and more people owning cell phones, fewer whippersnappers people see the need for wearing a wrist watch.

Well, I'll let Katie explain, if you care to watch, here. Here's an excerpt:

Wrist watch sales have declined in recent years and experts blame cell phones. Why buy a watch when time is always in the palm of your hand? Here's a quote from a blog by a student at the University of Michigan. "The only people I can think of who have watches are people like my mom and grandma who grew up in the Dark Ages before Verizon existed."


I may be today's equivalent of a stick in the mud but I'll stand by the wrist watch time after time.

Is this the image CBS News, already mocked as a network of old geezers for its Jurassic cast of "60 Minutes" and Bob Schieffer, wants to lend to its Internet audience?

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