MSNBC's Shuster Giddy Over Regan FNC Suit

TVNewser has an item today about MSNBC's David Shuster blasting Rudy Giuliani and Fox News brass while announcing a lawsuit involving the rival news channel (h/t Ian Schwartz):

This is how MSNBC's David Shuster, who once worked for FNC, reported the story in the 9amET hour:

"This is bad news, perhaps not just for Rudy Giuliani, but also for Fox News Channel. Roger Ailes who is in charge of Fox News, a close friend of Rupert Murdoch, he's been close friends with Rudy Giuliani for 20 years. Fox News commentator Sean Hannity led a Giuliani fund-raiser."

"Here you have a $100 million lawsuit in which Judith Regan is alleging that there was a smear campaign against her to protect the political agenda of Fox News of News Corp. and that that political agenda was to protect Rudy Giuliani"

Video (3:36): Real (2.64) or Windows (2.21 MB) and MP3 audio (1.64 MB).

This is vintage David Shuster, as we at NewsBusters have documented a long history of the MSNBC reporter's bias such as:

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