CBS's Storm Blogs About Toby Keith, Actually Praises His Patriotism

September 26th, 2007 12:26 PM

As a country music fan, it often frosts me to flip open the pages of a newspaper and read snide, left-of-center snark from music reviewers about the right-leaning, patriotic sentiments of country musicians. Toby Keith, in particular, has been a favorite target of liberal journalists, although the tide's been turning a bit of late.

So here's something that might just end up "Shock'n Y'All": CBS "Early Show" co-anchor Hannah Storm praising Keith's patriotism, work ethic, and talent in a September 24 blog post:

Keith is the first guy I ever interviewed in country music, and what you see is what you get with the former roughneck from Oklahoma. (That's someone who works on an oil rig by the way). Keith has an amazing connection with his audience and kept up a steady stream of no-holds-barred dialogue between performing his hard driving brand of country music. At one point, Keith proclaimed, "I don't sing many love songs, so let's get this over with" and that's about the only time he slowed down. Somehow his covering Ted Nugent’s "Strange Hold" at the end of the show did not seem out of place.

The uber-confident Keith does what he wants, pulls no punches and takes the fans along on a great ride. As far as I could tell, no one sat down for the entire two hours! And on multiple occasions, Keith insisted he is not about politics, but simply pro-USA and a supporter of those who devote their lives to ensuring our freedom. Its not an empty proclamation -- Keith has a rare devotion to the troops, playing not just in large secure bases overseas, but often to small groups of soldiers close to the front lines. Somehow all the pyrotechnics and confetti and clever videos of his stage show do not overshadow the fact that this is a guy who genuinely loves what he does and loves his country.

Now I'm not saying, "It's All Good" with Storm's record on bias, but once in a blue moon it's good to see something good shine through.