Snow Leaving White House; NB Recorded His Skirmishes With Biased Media

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is leaving his post on September 14, to be replaced full-time by deputy Dana Perino, who filled in earlier this year for Snow when he underwent chemotherapy treatment.

As NewsBusters has recorded, Snow has tangled with biased journalists in his role as the White House's chief spokesman. Perhaps one of the most memorable was an episode in June 2007 reported by NewsBusters contributor Justin McCarthy:

On the June 12 "Early Show," anchor Harry Smith again pounded Tony Snow, and Tony Snow again responded with a reprimand. Smith, who recently offered a puffy interview of Al Gore, continued his harsh interrogation of the White House press secretary. When discussing the G-8 summit, Snow asserted that Bush has "taken the lead" on initiatives such as climate change. Smith interrupted Snow like wise.

SMITH: I think that's following on climate change. He's following on climate change.

SNOW: No, no I don't think so --

SMITH: These other countries are setting the table for this, for years. The president is late to this table. You can't flip that around --

Snow, who previously accused Smith of sounding "like a partisan" hit the CBS anchor right back.

SNOW: No, Harry, you can't have your own facts. We got a better record than the rest of the world. We have more --

SMITH: And he should have better record than we already have and you know that –

For more, including links to video of that exchange, click here.

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