Rocks... to the Beat of Anti-war Drummers

It's not very surprising coming from the same guys that tried to scare young voters in 2004 with fears of the military draft, but Human Events online producer Ericka Andersen takes a look at the left-wing, anti-war in Iraq slant of's political news section:

Not that I expected MTV to be fair and balanced but this is ridiculous. I checked out the MTV site after seeing their recent commercials featuring two musicians strumming along to Spanish music in a cool setting to cool music with two cool looking Latin folks. But the wordless tone is clearly MTV's embrace of illegal immigration. Though they did provide different viewpoints to choose from on the immigration debate on the politics section of their web site, the same could not be said for coverage of the Iraq War.

When you enter the think:Politics section of, you can choose to to click Iraq: Take a Stand. Then, there are two sections -- one for if you support the war, one if you do not. The section labeled "If you are against the war" features six different websites and resources to choose from. The section labeled "If you are for the war" lists only one.

"Against the war" says, "If you are against the war, help ensure that the new Congress gets the message by spreading the word far and wide. Start by checking out these organizations."

"For the war" says, "There are few formal grassroots organizations that have taken the lead in advocating war with Iraq. There are, however, multiple ways to demonstrate support for the troops overseas or for the Bush Administration's policies."


They ask for suggestions, etc. on other websites or information readers might want to add. But just as easily as they conjured up six anti-war websites, they could have found five more pro-war sites as well. How about Vets for Freedom, Victory Caucus, Freedom's Watch or Appeal for Courage?

MTV, some of your viewers are in Iraq right now. Why don't you give their cause a fair shot?

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