NBC Soap Opera, Web Site Pushing 'Green Wedding'

April 4th, 2007 11:52 AM

Two days ago NewsBusters documented how ABC's "Good Morning America" is hyping the "latest trend" for couples tying the knot this year, so-called green weddings. Of course, weatherman/reporter Sam Champion left out for his audience how the bride featured in his story, Anna Swinson, is a Sierra Club official in Atlanta, but what's a covert liberal agenda among friends?

ABC is not the only network pushing the phenomenon as a tactic to combating global warming. "Days of Our Lives" addicts will be treated to the earth-friendly nuptials of characters Sami and Lucas. Of course the NBC.com Web site doesn't just plug the liberal-friendly story arc, it also insults the intelligence of its readership by insisting that having a "green wedding" isn't just a matter of taste, it's a matter of life and death (yes, even if green is just not the bride's color):

"Save a tree" isn't just a cute slogan -- between global warming and habitat destruction, it's imperative. Minimizing the amount of virgin paper used in your wedding stationery can have a huge impact. While there unfortunately aren't extensive options for eco-friendly printing -- between the inks, toners, and solvents, a lot of chemicals are involved -- there are fabulous (yet responsible) choices when it comes to paper.

I suppose it's fitting that soap operas, enviro-friendly enough to reuse and recycle tired plot lines, should have a green wedding. But here's my question: if or when the writers find an excuse to kill off Sami or Lucas, will there be a "green funeral"?