Congress Acted Faster on Terri than Katrina?

September 2nd, 2005 5:30 PM

CBS correspondent and wife of former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, Michelle Miller, took a swipe at Congress for the speed of its reaction to Hurricane Katrina:

Questions of race and class are sure to be raised. Compared to Congress's Immediacy in handling the Terry Schiavo resolution while on vacation, it's taken the body four days beyond the Hurricane to meet on what to do during the nation's most horrific natural disaster.

Since when was is stopping a judicially-sanctioned starvation a race/class issue? Additionally, the Congress acted within a slightly shorter frame of time for Schiavo following the order for the breathing tube to be removed than it did for Hurricane Katrina relief (2 or 3 days), but Congress was just heading out to recess in the former case and had been in the middle of a month-long August recess in this one. What's more, Miller fails to consider that congressional leaders may have scheduled today as the day to convene to take action so as to allow for congressmen and senators from Katrina-stricken disaster areas to have time to consult with local officials and FEMA administrators about the amount of emergency funding needed.