Warning: Summer Playgrounds Hot, May Need Gov’t Intervention

Breaking ABC news: things get hot in the sun. "Good Morning America's" Elisabeth Leamy reported on July 24 that playground equipment gets so hot in the sun, it could harm your children.

ABC's Diane Sawyer grabbed the attention of parents saying, "Well as the temperatures rise for the summer, we decided to go out and test some of the equipment in playgrounds. It's a safety alert for all parents out there because some of it is truly scalding."

That enlightening news was followed by Leamy's suggestion of government regulations of playground equipment. "Diane, this is one of those stories that pits people who want the government to do more to make the playground safe against people who say parents should know better," said Leamy.

She showcased a mother whose child burned his feet walking barefoot on the black rubber mat that supported the playground. "I think parents have no idea," warned the mother. Leamy then used a thermometer to check the temperatures of the slides, black top, and mats, comparing their surfaces to a cup of hot coffee.

The segment follows a string of hysterical reporting seen in the media recently. The message: playgrounds will burn your children. Common sense: things get hot in the sun.

Regulation Good Morning America Video

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