Behar: 'More People Die in Hospitals than Anywhere Else...Because It's Germ Free'

On the June 17 edition of "The View," Joy Behar stated the obvious that "more people die in hospitals than anywhere else." Of course, that makes perfect sense given that people who are dying tend to get rushed to the hospital. Instead Joy Behar, who blamed earthquakes on global warming offered a more intriguing answer: "because it’s germ free."

The panel conversed about the high prevalence of germs in our world and its dangers. Behar, attempting to refute that germs are always harmful, clumsily cited the high death rate in hospitals. Not only did she fail to note that dying people tend to check into hospitals in one last effort to cling on to their lives, they are hardly germ free given the high concentration of sick people.

Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck both disagreed that hospitals are void of germs.

On show where allegedly many people get their news, it is sad that such inaccuracies are aired regularly. One co-host, given a forum to air her expert opinion, "never thought" about whether the earth is round or flat, and thought Jesus preceded the Greeks. A former "View" co-host once said it is "physically impossible" for fire to melt steel.

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