Whoopi on Space Station Toilet Problem: 'Stick Your Butt Out the Window!'

Whoopi Goldberg apparently did not study hard enough for her role in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." On the May 29 edition of "The View," the ladies discussed the international space station’s broken toilet. Concerned about the cost of the repair, Whoopi offered a much cheaper solution: "Stick your butt out the window!"

GOLDBERG: But I just want y’all to see this NASA. You know, the next time you’re sending folks up because you know they’re going to spend a fortune now to send somebody up with a toilet. That was the part I forgot to tell you. They’re sending a toilet up, but, you know, somebody has to be on to go in there.

HASSELBECK: They just need somebody with a really good arm to just fling this saucer right at them.

GOLDBERG: It’s a million dollars. Stick your butt out the window!

Whoopi did not take into account that opening a window in space would kill all on board. No one on the panel noted that minor problem.

This is not the first time "The View" co-hosts demonstrated their lack of intelligence. Sherri Shepherd admitted she "never thought about" if the Earth is flat, and thought Jesus predated the Greeks. Joy Behar blamed earthquakes on global warming. And "View" alum Rosie O’Donnell screamed it is "physically impossible" for fire to melt steel. Despite this, Joy Behar still boasts that they are "well researched."

Why should this matter? Daily the women of "The View" are given a national forum to spout their opinions. Barbara Walters admitted many get their news from "The View." If much of the show’s audience relies on them for information, it is reasonable for them to know very basic facts.

Earlier in the program, the discussion led to Susan Sarandon’s announcement that she will leave the United States if John McCain is elected president. Whoopi Goldberg did concede she believes America is a generally a good country, but when Elisabeth Hasselbeck added "you can have a say in your government here," Whoopi felt otherwise after seeing the leftist movie "Recount."

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: The truth of the matter is as crazy as it is here, as crazy as it has been in my opinion here, I’ve been in other countries where you can’t do a lot of stuff, where you can’t move around. It got a little hairy here for a little bit, but it’s still America and people still remember that.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: You can have a say in your government here.

GOLDBERG: Well, you can have a say in your government, but if you watch "Recount"-

JOY BEHAR: You don’t have a say.

GOLDBERG: You’re not so sure.

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