Bush Hater Behar Denounces Kennedy and Clinton 'Hatred'

Joy Behar, a noted Bush hater, took the moral high ground to denounce hatred against Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. On the January 28 edition of "The View," Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama was the discussion topic. Behar then scolded those who exhibit hatred towards the Massachusetts Senator as well as Senator Clinton claiming Kennedy "is hated by a lot of Republicans just like Hillary Clinton is hated. The hatred that goes through on both sides is horrible."

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Before Behar casts stones, she may want to consider some of the hateful comments she has made on "The View." Maybe she will exhibit another double standard as she previously denounced a personal attack on Senator Clinton but defended her own personal attacks on President Bush because she "doesn’t like him."

She used other hateful comments such as calling the Bush administration "liars and murderers" and baselessly accused Republican presidential candidates of attending "Klan meetings." Her hatred of the Bush administration extends to making false charges against them such as accusing the Bush campaign of running the "Swift Boat" ads, and misrepresenting Vice President Cheney’s position on the Marriage Amendment.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted Hillary and Obama’s records show "they’re about as left as you can get," to which Barbara Walters scoffed "you’re about as right as you can get." Joy Behar again chimed in claiming Clinton and Obama are "very moderate in many ways."

The facts simply do not back up Joy Behar’s "very moderate" claims. Hillary Clinton’s 2006 American Conservative Union rating is eight percent and 95 percent 2006 American’s for Democratic Action rating. Barack Obama’s are eight and 95 as well.

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JOY BEHAR: He also is hated by a lot of Republicans just like Hillary Clinton is hated. The hatred that goes through on both sides is horrible.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Hillary maybe trying to give the idea across that she is a little bit more in the center. But when you think about it and if you go back in time, I mean they’re about as to the left as you can get.

BARBARA WALTERS: And you’re about as right as you can get, and that’s what makes this interesting.

BEHAR: I don’t agree that they’re so left. I think that they’re very moderate in many ways.

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