Joy Behar Still Bitter About 2000 Election

Joy Behar still complains about Al Gore’s 2000 election loss. In discussing Gore’s Nobel Prize acceptance, Behar implied Gore lost an unfair election. When Whoopi Goldberg reminded Behar that Gore conceded. Behar retorted "that was a mistake" after the Supreme Court, which has final jurisdiction ruled against him.

Behar continued that Gore "should have let them count the votes keep our country the way it’s supposed to be instead of the Supreme Court making the decision." Behar essentially said Gore should have defied the Court to "let them count the votes legitimately."

Behar is forgetting that Gore exhausted the legal system and there were little or no avenues Gore could have pursued after the Supreme Court ruled against him. Also, Florida did have a full state recount, including court ordered hand recounts of Florida’s most liberal counties.

Also of note, was a discussion on a recent Spanish speaking Republican debate. While Whoopi, Joy, and Sherri continued to attack Republicans as allegedly singling out Mexicans. As usual, the facts do not matter on "The View." The co-hosts all agreed hispanics have voted "traditionally Republican," but the numbers do not back that up. In 2004, Bush received no higher than 44 percent of Latino votes, a record among Republican presidential candidates.

The entire transcript is below.

BEHAR: Oh Al Gore.

GOLDBERG: What were we talking about? We were talking about whether he won-

BEHAR: Well, he won the popular vote.


BEHAR: But it was 25 electoral votes in Florida that he didn’t get, that they stopped the count and that’s why he’s angry. But he, he-

GOLDBERG: But he stopped the count. He said I don’t want to hold up the country anymore right?

BEHAR: Yeah, that was a mistake. He shouldn’t have done that. He should have let them count the votes legitimately, I think. Don’t you think people? [applause] To keep, to keep our country the way it’s supposed to be instead of the Supreme Court making the decision. We’re supposed to make the decision.

GOLDBERG: Well, here’s something that didn’t stop, you know, people from doing the, the right thing. The Republicans finally went down to Florida to do a debate in Spanish for the Spanish language television. I was kind of surprised and I know it’s going to shock you that I actually watched a lot of it. But, nobody had a very strong stance on immigration. Nobody talked about those, you know, those illegals. You know how they get when their hair goes "illegals are coming across taking our jobs!" Nobody did any of that. It was like "we are very pleased that immigrants are here." And I was like, who are these people?

BEHAR: Well, they’re talking to Hispanics.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: Did you really think-

GOLDBERG: Yes I did!

SHEPHERD: I did not think for a minute that there.

GOLDBERG: I did not think that there would be one [inaudible]

SHEPHERD: And that’s why they’re [inadible] not talking about that wall.

GOLDBERG: See, well child, I thought [inaudible] there was going to be- now, how could anybody not know if they wouldn’t vote for the person who tells them the truth and says "I’m concerned about this." Everybody knows. You can’t- no ball upon them.

BEHAR: Yeah that’s true. What were you going to say Sherri?

SHEPHERD: I was going to say just like you said to Ron Paul "well, you know you’re not going to win."

BEHAR: Yeah!

SHEPHERD: You know, I thought, they’re probably looking at this crowd going, you know, "we know you’re not going to vote for me."

BEHAR: Well, the hispanic vote has traditionally-

GOLDBERG: Traditionally been Republican.

SHEPHERD: Republican right. But now it’s turned.

BEHAR: It may change since the wall. Unless somebody says "yo qiero Taco Bell."


SHEPHERD: If somebody says "we’re going to build the wall and fortify it." They’re not going to vote for you.

GOLDBERG: If somebody says "build a wall around the entire country including Canada," I think people would have felt better. Because the Canadians would be pissed off too. But if you’re just going to piss off one section of folks, and, you know, it’s funny because we always say it always seems to be one group that are the illegal immigrants because that’s what we see on television all of the time.

BEHAR: Yeah, but also the thing about it is, I would go along with it very forcefully if that meant that terrorists would stay out of the United States. But mostly, if they’re going to stay out, they should really stop them coming in from Canada also. That’s the point, so it just seems to me like it’s against Mexicans.


BEHAR: Or not necessarily terrorists.


BEHAR: As far as I can tell.

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