'View's' Behar Falsely Calls Cheney 'Anti-Gay'

On "The View" facts apparently don’t matter. After all, on the ladies chat show, a co-host claimed "fire can’t melt steel." The show’s October 18 edition was no exception. During a conversation about Vice President Cheney’s relation to Senator Obama co-host Joy Behar smeared the vice president with this false assertion.

"I think Cheney can do whatever he wants. His daughter is a lesbian. Nobody even calls him on that, and he’s anti-gay in many, many ways."

A quick search will reveal to Behar that Cheney’s only public disagreement with the president involves the Marriage Amendment, which the vice president said repeatedly he opposes.

This was not the first time this incorrect position was mentioned on "The View." Last season, the co-hosts spent an entire segment echoing this false claim. Unlike last time, Barbara Walters, a veteran journalist, was at the table where she had the opportunity to correct the record. Walters said nothing.

A few seconds later, Behar made another inflammatory statement about Cheney opining, "he gets away with anything. He's like a dictator!" 

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