Jon Stewart Declares Cheney Heart Transplant 'Greatest Joke Set-up Ever!'

March 27th, 2012 4:31 PM

Earlier this week NBC News did a segment questioning whether or not former Vice President Dick Cheney deserved his recent heart transplant. Others in the media, including Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, have jumped on the chance to poke a jab or two at the former Vice President and his surgery.

A heart transplant is a serious subject, affecting over 5,000 patients who receive transplants worldwide each year. It's certainly not a laughing matter to patients who receive them or their friends and loved ones. [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Yet the left-leaning media continues to remind viewers that their disdain for the former Vice President overrides their sense of human decency. During the segment Stewart announced to his audience “Cheney’s  not a nice man.” Stewart also mused if it was "more of a heart plant" if Cheney doesn't "have an original?"

Even after discussing the tragic story of Trayvon Martin, Stewart continued to joke about Cheney’s surgery, and was seen mouthing the words “Thank you” as if he was thanking God for this story.

During the segment, Stewart also said “Greatest joke set-up ever! I can make the show out of that"


The full transcript can be seen below.

11:00 EDT

For the first day back there were really  two stories that caught my attention.

CLIP: NBC News has just confirmed that former Vice President Dick Cheney had heart transplant surgery earlier today.

(Mouths “thank you” while looking up)

JON STEWART: Greatest joke set-up ever! I can make the show out of that. What's the other story?

CHARLIE ROSE: The controversial shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin one month ago in Sanford, Florida.

STEWART: Dick Cheney got a new heart! (Laughs) That's the headline. Oh, the headline is Dick Cheney got a new heart. You know, I'm sure by the way that is a very different headline in the organ community. Probably something like innocent heart sentenced to life in Cheney. Boom! Boom! I'm going to get to do a ton of these today.         .


DIANE SAWYER: Martin had gone out to buy candy wearing a hooded sweat shirt.

CNN: Carrying skittles and an iced tea-

RACHEL MADDOW: A local neighborhood watch captain saw him-

BILL O’REILLY: 28-Year-old George Zimmerman was acting as a
neighborhood watch guy.

MADDOW: He followed Trayvon Martin, he chased him despite the police
dispatcher telling him not to-

STEWART: (Laughs) Heart transplant! Isn’t more of a heart plant when you don’thave an original? Hey, I think we have a clip of Cheney selecting the

[CLIP of someone removing a heart by hand]

STEWART: He’s-He’s-DickCheney’s not a nice man.


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: The police appeared to have done a very cursory investigation.

O’REILLY: Zimmerman has not been charged with any crime and continues
to carry the weapon that killed Trayvon.

STEWART: Are you (beep)? Hey, everybody, here's my impression of Dick Cheney's surgeon removing Cheney's original heart. Ah It bit me! Oh my god! Why does a human heart have fangs? All right. I can't do this. Um. How is this guy Zimmerman not charged with anything? How can the guy still have a gun that he shot this kid with?