'Morning Joe' Pundits: GOP Has No Chance in 2012

Members of the media do not like to even discuss the chance that a Republican might defeat President Obama this November. In fact, even when a poll is shown to have President Obama on the ropes in his approval ratings, some journalists dismiss it, saying that too many Republicans were polled.

Witness this exchange from the March 14th edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”:


WILLIE GEIST, co-shot: Mark, we spent a lot of time yesterday talking about that poll number. The New York Times 41% Approval. Some others, including that Reuters at 50%. Was the New York Times an outlier yesterday?

MARK HALPERIN, Time magazine: You know, that poll-Normally that poll some people think over samples Democrats. In this case it seemed to over sample Republicans. I don't think he's at 41, I think he’s certainly a lot closer to 50, just about 50. And still not a great place to be, but um, it’s sure better than, than if he were 41.

WILLIE GEIST: But, generally a solid poll, the New York Times, just not the last time.
  JOHN HEILEMANN, New York magazine: Generally. Yeah, generally. And I think you know we'll have to see what the next polling over the next couple of weeks shows to-to know whether its an outlier or not.

According to the media, poll results don’t count if they make their favorite candidate look bad. However, that was not the only liberal bias from this morning’s “Morning Joe.” In the same program, both Mika Brzezinski, and Arianna Huffington said that the Republican Party was doomed to lose in November. Both conversations can be seen below:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, co-host: Amazing moment of opportunity for the Republican party just being flushed down the toilet. Anyone disagree?

HALPERIN: In terms of?

BRZEZINSKI: Um, in terms of being able to put forward a message and a conversation.

And Arianna Huffington:

David, do you have the sense that it's a little bit like when Bob Dole was going to be the nominee, that you, sort of, knew he was going to lose? So we're all having this kind of big kind of excitement about this campaign and you have that sense of inevitability, not that Romney will be the nominee, but that Obama will be reelected.

One question that many might have to these two pundits is what happens if a Republican actually wins this November?

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