U TURN: CNN Attack Dogs Turn Into Cuddly Biden Puppies

December 10th, 2020 5:30 AM

Co-host John Berman’s interview with Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan during Thursday’s New Day further showcased CNN’s continued transformation into soft Biden puppies. Throughout the interview, Berman did not press for answers when the Senator dodged, and did not even try to get her off the talking points.

Instead, the partisan journalist asked softball questions on the topics of the relief package and the Biden Cabinet: “Our reporting is that these bipartisan talks have stalled, there has not been a lot of progress in hammering out this deal. Tell us where you are this morning.”

This has been the trend for years at CNN, but especially since election day. The treatment that has been given to Democrats and to Joe Biden is in stark contrast to the treatment that they gave Donald Trump. Sadly though, even during the height of the 2020 presidential campaign, CNN had a double standard favoring Democrats.

There were a few times Berman decided to ask a decent question, such as: “What Democrats want to be sure of is that there is aid to state and local governments. Is that an absolute drop dead must have for you this morning?” But there was no hint at follow up when Hassan dodged answering the question.

Instead, the DNC-aligned network allowed the Senator to monologue over Democratic talking points without interruption.



A sad point was when Berman asked her thoughts on whether or not Lloyd Austin, Biden’s pick for Defense Secretary, should receive the required waiver for her to server, he did not press when she refused to answer the question. When someone from the Trump administration refused to answer a question directly CNN smeared the President as "open to violence." 

One interesting moment that showed further changed in CNN’s policy was when Berman actually asked about Hunter Biden. Some might remember that mentioning Hunter Biden during the campaign was taboo. CNN itself was demanding that everyone stop talking about him.

Now that the election is over, it looks like we are free to talk about Hunter, now that it cannot damage Joe Biden. Sadly, the leftist host did little more than mention Hunter: “CNN and others are reporting that Hunter Biden, the President-Elect's son, is under investigation, Hunter Biden did confirm that yesterday. How does the next Attorney General handle that?”

The entire interview with just partisan talking points with no interruptions or pressing for information from the supposed journalist.  Now that the election is over, they have abandoned their vigilant offensive. Given their performance the past few weeks with Biden’s cabinet nominees, this is likely to be the trend for the next four years.

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A transcript of the December 10th Coverage is included below:

New Day
8:17 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: The House passed a short-term funding bill which the Senate will vote on next, for now averting a government shutdown and buying more time to hammer out a stimulus deal to help millions of struggling Americans and by our reporting this morning they're going to need that time because it does not appear to be going well. Joining me now is Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan, she is one of the lawmakers working on the bipartisan stimulus deal, Senator Hassan from New Hampshire, thanks for going with us this morning. Our reporting is that these bipartisan talks have stalled, there has not been a lot of progress in hammering out this deal. Tell us where you are this morning. 

MAGGIE HASSAN [D-NH]: First of all, John, thanks for having me on, and, secondly, all of us have been hearing from our constituents, I've been hearing from folks in New Hampshire, my colleagues on both sides of the aisle have been hearing from individuals and small businesses from state and local governments, from our hospitals and from our schools that they need relief and they need it right now. So this bipartisan group of us have come together, we've established a framework of a deal that we think can get through both the House and the Senate and we have agreement on the large majority of issues in that framework. As is always the case, there are some details around some of the more contentious issues that take time to work out, but we're making good progress and we are continuing to meet. 

BERMAN: These details that are contentious there hasn't been a ton of movement there. So let’s lay them out specifically. Number one, what Democrats want to be sure of is that there is aid to state and local governments. Is that an absolute drop dead must have for you this morning? 

HASSAN: Look, what is important here is that we make sure that our state and located at governments can continue to provide the assistance that our communities need on this public health and economic crisis. We know how important firefighters and police officers and teachers are and we also know how it would undermine the economy if more of these employees were laid off and need further assistance themselves while also being unable to provide the necessary services that they do. So we have an agreement of a general amount of state and local aid in this framework, we are working across the aisle on that, and I think we're fairly close to the way we think that money should be distributed. 

BERMAN: The other hold up is something that largely Republicans want, which is some kind of liability protection for businesses when it comes to being vulnerable to lawsuits for opening up and people maybe getting sick with coronavirus. 

HASSAN: Right. 

BERMAN: How much are you willing to budge here? 

HASSAN: Again, we are focused on a couple of these issues, they are obviously contentious issues, but our talks continue. I haven't been as involved in the talks on the liability issues, but I know we had a good exchange last night and I know that the individuals who are trying to hammer this out continue to talk. 

BERMAN: Do you think you're close? I mean, honestly, is there going to be a deal today? 

HASSAN: We need to get a deal done. We need to have relief to the American people before we go home for Christmas. That's what we're focused on. 

BERMAN: Will you go home with no deal? 

HASSAN: A lot of us, myself included, have said we should not do that. 

BERMAN: You know, I'm not great at math, but you're talking about a $908 billion plan, which is a lot of money and which would be very helpful right now. The White House had actually supported a $1.8 trillion plan before the election. Was it a mistake not to make that deal if it was available then? 

HASSAN: Oh, heavens, I think what you've seen is the House led by a Democratic Speaker had been at a certain place, they had come down from over $3 trillion to a little bit over $2 trillion, we had the Senate Majority Leader staying at about a $500 billion number. This is an amount and a package that can get bipartisan support, it can get through the House, we believe, as well as the Senate. This coalition that we have in these bipartisan talks include House members and that's really important, too. And we also know that this is a targeted relief package aimed at getting us through the next few months. The Biden administration is going to take office, they have their own plans and their own vision, and I look forward to working with them on another package, but right now this is where we can get bipartisan support in both chambers and we think that's a really important focus. 

BERMAN: President-Elect Biden will nominate retired general Lloyd Austin to be the Secretary of Defense. He is four years out of active duty. He would need a waiver from both the House and the Senate in order to serve as Defense Secretary. This morning are you inclined to grant that waiver? 

HASSAN: Well, I look forward to talking to the general about his vision forward and I will certainly consider the waiver issue closely as I did for President Trump's nominee, General Mattis.

BERMAN: CNN and others are reporting that Hunter Biden, the President-Elect's son, is under investigation, Hunter Biden did confirm that yesterday. How does the next Attorney General handle that? Do you feel that the next Attorney General under a Biden administration needs to separate his or herself from that investigation and maybe allow a special counsel to do it? 

HASSAN: Well, I think you have heard the President-Elect say how important it is that there be separation between the Department of Justice and any political influence. The U.S. Attorney's office is investigating this matter, Hunter Biden has said that he is taking it seriously, as he must. 

BERMAN: Is it true, as I was told by our producers, that you in fact, have a Red Sox mask that you wore to this live shot this morning? 

HASSAN: Yes, I do, and here it is. 

BERMAN: That is a fantastic mask. 

HASSAN: It is. 

BERMAN: Senator Hassan, I appreciate your fashion choices and I appreciate you being with us this morning. 

HASSAN: Thank you very much. Go Sox. 

BERMAN: Absolutely. Got to get a pitcher.