Are You Preparing for War? CNN Says 'We Need to Remain Vigilant' About Trump

December 3rd, 2020 11:57 PM

Cable news daring, Resistance author, and President Trump's niece Mary Trump appeared on Wednesday's Cuomo Prime to warn that the “reckoning” against her uncle was not the 2020 election. Instead, she painted the need for there to be an ever-persistent war against him (and ostensibly his supporters): “[W]e need to be on our guard and continue not to put anything past him because, yes, the pardons are demoralizing …What I'm much more concerned about what's going on behind the scenes. We need to be vigilant.”

Having actively supported Democrats and campaigned for Joe Biden, Trump was right at home alongside CNN host Chris "Fredo" Cuomo. Was it to break news (other than announcing a second anti-Trump tome)? Nope. But since CNN wants to spoon-feed viewers with the same old, same old, they decided to have another go of it with the President's estranged family member.

In typical fashion, Cuomo did not even attempt to remain objective but instead commiserated with the person whose tell-all book left some wondering if she had any motivations ‘besides collecting a paycheck.’

The leftist host was eager to get her opinion on why she thought the election was not the reckoning she hoped for: “Isn’t the reckoning what happened in the election that is getting tossed out. Or is it going to be something else.”

Her response was just as partisan: “One, we didn't get an immediate result which we should have been prepared for, but weren't. And secondly Biden didn't win in a landslide which is really what we needed in order to repudiate Donald, his administration and all of his enablers.”



As is often the case with CNN, there was no attempt to validate their opinions or even report on the news of the nation. In its place was plenty of apocalyptic (yet tiresome) rhetoric: “I don't hold out much hope for the Republican party, …I think they're going to continue to do what they believe is in their best interest, which for them is always clinging to power no matter what it might do to the rest of the country or to our democracy.”

The “interview” if you could call it that, ended with Trump giving her opinions on if her uncle would run again in the future: “I think that he's much more likely to take the position of spoiler because he lost so decisively and because he cannot bear the thought of losing, he's going to put considerable energy, at least as long as he's able to into delegitimizing Joe Biden's win and his administration.”

Notice how Trump both lost in a landslide and yet he didn’t in the same interview. Once again, CNN abandons rationality and facts in their quest to bash the President through any means necessary.

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A transcript of the December 2nd Coverage is included below:

Cuomo Prime Time
9:35 PM ET

CHRIS CUOMO: So now what? When Trump is gone, isn't the problem over? I don't think so. I think the people who remain are the problem. But now I have another take for you. Even as the Biden transition is underway, the President's desperate cling to power is actually having an effect on our political fault lines. And my next guest says that's what you need to look at. It is not just about if Trump got another four years, but as a clinical psychologist who delved into his psyche and understanding the effects that he can have, now that he's on his way out, Mary Trump still doesn't like what she says -- what she sees because of what the impact could be even after he is gone. How so? Mary Trump, President's niece, author of “Too Much and Never Enough" has a book coming out in July about exactly this. The book is called "The Reckoning." Isn’t the reckoning what happened in the election that is getting tossed out. Or is it going to be something else.

MARY TRUMP [Niece of the President]: Hi, Chris. Yeah. I wish it had been the election. But unfortunately two things. One, we didn't get an immediate result which we should have been prepared for, but weren't. And secondly Biden didn't win in a landslide which is really what we needed in order to repudiate Donald, his administration and all of his enablers. So what's happened now is it's given him an opportunity to continue to sew division, to continue to act as if there was discrepancies with the vote tally. To delegitimize the incoming administration. And because Republican leadership refuses to take a stand and speak the truth, Donald has even more of an opportunity to, you know, stoke his base and sew division among us. And it is very, very dangerous. 

CUOMO: I would like to counter your case. I could argue that Biden has the same electoral margin that Trump called a landslide. He had the most people ever come out for him in history. But I agree with you because the second most votes ever went to Trump. And they did well on the congressional side. You can look at that either way saying people who are still having misgivings about Democrats still voted against Trump. But how is the worst yet to come? 

TRUMP: That is going to depend largely on Donald's post inauguration life. It's going to depend on how the Biden administration or at least Biden's Attorney General handles the path what may or may not have happened in the last four years, particularly in the 79 days between the election and the inauguration. And it's going to depend in part on, you know, whether or not we're going to see state charges. I don't hold out much hope for the Republican party, which is why I didn't mention them. I think they're going to continue to do what they believe is in their best interest, which for them is always clinging to power no matter what it might do to the rest of the country or to our democracy. 

CUOMO: Biden has signaled he doesn't want to give any energy to scrutinizing Trump. On the state side, we will have to see, but that could be as much about money as about facing prosecution. Your uncle the other day said to a crowd, we're trying to get four more years right now. If not, I'll see you in four years. 

TRUMP: I think that's a ploy. That's a means to get people to continue to support him financially. It's a way to get people to keep coming to his rallies and to, you know, I believe he's trying to counter program the inauguration of President Biden. So I don't put much stock in that for very various reasons. First of all, I think Donald will be too busy dealing with lawsuits and dealing with those potential state charges. -

CUOMO: Well they keep filling up his coffers. He's at $170 million now. He could use it for whatever he wants unless the donation is over $5,000 and I don't know how many of those he has. We'll see what they disclose. But it seems like his help me fight this election may be help me fight for my own better future. 

TRUMP: It may, indeed. And, you know, I think it is disgraceful, of course. But the people who support him are throwing money at him willingly. And I honestly don't know what to say to them. That's their choice. 

CUOMO: You don't think he'll run again? 

TRUMP: I don't. I don't think he's going to be able to. I think that he's much more likely to take the position of spoiler because he lost so decisively and because he cannot bear the thought of losing, he's going to put considerable energy, at least as long as he's able to into delegitimizing Joe Biden's win and his administration, which, again, is terrible for our country. And I think at that point we need to look at the Republicans in power and, you know, lay the blame at their feet at that point because they would be in a position to stop this insanity and thus far they seem not to be willing to do that because they know they need Donald's base. 

CUOMO: The reTrumplicans. Is the worst we can expect to see out of your uncle between now and the end, just a frenzy of weird pardons and maybe a self-pardon. Do you think he has the power to tell people to resist the inauguration? 

TRUMP: I think we have some glimpse of what he's capable of in what's going on down in Georgia. An election official down in Georgia who from what I understand is a Republican has made a plea to Donald and Republican leadership to stop sewing doubts about that election because it's putting people's lives in danger. So what does Donald do? He doubles down. He doesn't care. You know, he's going to do whatever he needs to do to change the subject, to keep people on his side, to keep people believing that he actually won an election that he lost by at least six million votes. So we need to be on our guard and continue not to put anything past him because, yes, the pardons are demoralizing. They're a disgrace. And his, you know, attempt to preemptively pardon and his children and himself, we'll deal with that when the time comes. What I'm much more concerned about what's going on behind the scenes. We need to be vigilant. 

CUOMO: Get the book out. You may want to rush it because we're living that consequence right now. Mary Trump, be well. Thank you for the insight.