Clueless Cuomo Claims Trump Getting ‘Spanking’ in Razor-Thin Election

November 6th, 2020 7:55 PM

Despite the razor-thin election results, CNN is still trying to promote the fake news narrative that Tuesday's election was a "huge rejection" of President Trump. Early Friday morning, leftist hacks Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon hosted Election Night in America, where they explained eight separate times how close the election was. This did not stop Cuomo from wildly declaring: “Nobody has gotten the spanking he is getting in the general right now.”

For months now, CNN has reported the election not on the policies or the platforms of the candidates, but as a “referendum” on Trump. Now that the majority of votes are in and actually show Democrats struggling or losing in races across the country, they have been proven wrong, they can’t understand it. While other networks like CBS and NBC are admitting their mistakes, CNN is doubling down on the propaganda.

That is, when they can even get a coherent message out around their shock. Lemon remarked: “What a nail-biter, Chris. I mean, this really is a nail-biter.”

A moment later, Cuomo explained the state of the race:

All right? 99% of the estimated vote in Georgia. 95% in Pennsylvania. Those two numbers are the most deceptive because in this particular race, for various reasons, small margins can make big differences, especially when we're as close as we are in both. Pennsylvania, 22,000 votes separate the men right now. You see that, they're basically within the recount territory in both races. Certainly in Georgia. It's a dead tie. 

But about two minutes later, Cuomo remarked: “Because this is a national change moment that is going on. On both sides. We have not seen passions like this, a sense of purpose like this, money like this, organization like this, structure like this.…You blew away turnout models. Huge rejection for Donald Trump.”



So is it a close nail-biter or a blowout referendum on Trump? The leftist-aligned network seems to flip between reporting the electoral math and their DNC talking points.  

It is obvious that Cuomo has not opened up a history book recently. For example Richard Nixon won with a 17 million popular vote lead in 1972. A few more examples of larger leads in 1984, 1964, and even the 2008 election with Barack Obama. The current deficit between Joe Biden and Donald Trump at the time of writing: 4 million votes.

Once again, CNN let’s their own leftist beliefs and Democratic talking points drown out the facts. Cuomo seems more concerned with being a partisan hack than a reporter.

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A transcript of the November 6th Coverage is included below:

CNN Election Night in America Continued
12:00 AM ET

CHRIS CUOMO: Welcome back to CNN's breaking news coverage. "Election night in America" continues. I'm Chris Cuomo along with Don Lemon. And this is it. 

DON LEMON: Yeah, this is it. 

CUOMO: This is the time that matters most. The margins have gotten very small. Votes are coming in in what have developed to be the two key states, right, Georgia and Pennsylvania. We are watching them literally by the minute. 

LEMON: Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't say we are back because here we are for another long stretch. We're going to be here with you throughout the evening and throughout the morning until this gets done. What a nail biter, Chris. I mean, this really is a nail biter. You mentioned Georgia, you mentioned Pennsylvania. Georgia's really on the brink. Pennsylvania is on the brink. We have to keep watching the numbers. The final votes, tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, are being counted in both states right now. And you know what, it's not a done deal yet, but Joe Biden is closing in on the presidency. 

CUOMO: And, look, President Trump tried today to turn what really has been a hall of fame performance by the electorate into a Hal of shame. 

LEMON: Right. 

CUOMO: We'll deal with him later. Again, we have to ignore the noise right now. If you have proof of allegations, go to court. Anything else is BS. What is the truth in action are the counts as they are taken in real time. So let's do that together. We'll be doing it as Don said as long as they'll let us. So here's our first key race alert. [They pause the segment to do the animation] All right. These are the two big ones. Pennsylvania and Georgia. Again, let's start at the bottom this time. All right? 99% of the estimated vote in Georgia. 95% in Pennsylvania. Those two numbers are the most deceptive because in this particular race, for various reasons, small margins can make big differences, especially when we're as close as we are in both. Pennsylvania, 22,000 votes separate the men right now. You see that, they're basically within the recount territory in both races. Certainly in Georgia. It's a dead tie. So, we expect votes in both of them, specifically, Pennsylvania, around that Philadelphia area, there's still a lot of votes that haven't been counted or at least announced. That's what Joe Biden is banking on. Remember, Pennsylvania because if Biden wins Pennsylvania, he becomes the next President of the United States. Period. Now, in Georgia that is not true, but it really starts closing doors. So Joe Biden very close there. 1,805 votes separate the two men. Donald Trump needs it. That has not been trending well for him. Each dump that comes, that margin closes. However, that's not the end of the state of play. So, let's get over to the magic wall and Phil Mattingly. Good to see you once again. Pennsylvania, Georgia, why in the context of how you get to 270? 

PHIL MATTINGLY: Because for President Trump, Pennsylvania and Georgia are everything. Let's look at the map right now. As it currently stands. As you noted, 253 electoral votes for Joe Biden. 213 for President Trump. This is what's in and what's outstanding. If it's colored in red, that means it's being called for President Trump. If it's blue, that is now in Joe Biden's column. What we're waiting for right now, a couple states that just for the sake of gaming this out, we'll go ahead and give to President Trump. As it currently stands. North Carolina, been fairly static over the course of the last 48 hours. President Trump about a 79,000-vote lead. We'll say for the sake of doing this that North Carolina goes in his column. We'll do the same for Alaska. Usually takes a couple weeks to count. Expect it to go Republican. Where does that leave things as it currently stands? noted, paying attention to Philadelphia and paying attention to Georgia. Out west in a second. Why does this matter? Well, if Vice President Biden wins Pennsylvania, it's pretty simple. It's the ball game. It's all over. It's all over. As we watch it tighten and watched it tighten over the course of the last day or so, that's why everybody's so keen on that. 

CUOMO: And the quick reminder, because sometimes we forget what we learned in the beginning. 538 electoral votes. That's what there is. So there is no scenario, what if he gets over 270? So does he. Can't happen. You can have 269-269. If we're anywhere close to that, we'll start discussing the intricacies of it, the constitution lays out a plan. So that's what we're looking for, who gets to 270 then it's done. Continue, my friend. 

MATTINGLY: If it’s 269-269, people curl in the fetal position first then we start talking – 

CUOMO: Not you, though, you'll go long and strong to the end. 

MATTINGLY: That's the absolute truth. It's not just Pennsylvania. President Trump has to win Pennsylvania. Let's put Pennsylvania in President Trump's column. Now say President Trump goes out west and wins Arizona. Right now Joe Biden is leading in Arizona. Closed over the course of the last 24 hours. Should see more returns come in later tonight or this morning. But say Donald Trump overtakes Joe Biden, that gets him to 262. Take a look at Nevada. Right now vice President Biden with a lead in what if President Trump wins the state of Nevada? That gets him to 268. What's left outstanding? Maine 2. It is a single electoral vote. Basically it's Georgia. If Joe Biden wins Georgia or Pennsylvania, there is no path to 270 electoral votes for President Trump. Period, end of story. So when we focus on these, this is why President Trump cannot afford to lose Pennsylvania or Georgia. He loses one, there's no path to 270. 

CUOMO: There is another reason to focus on them. We are expecting change of play in both of those states on our watch so it's not that Nevada and Arizona don't matter. It is that we have not been alerted to any significant dumps of ballots there. If there's a change we'll be on it. We look internally. Thank you. You're right. We do have to remember this. What do we know? Already Joe Biden has received more votes than anybody else ever. For President of the united States. Why? Because this is a national change moment that is going on. On both sides. We have not seen passions like this, a sense of purpose like this, money like this, organization like this, structure like this. So you got the most out of it. The biggest reason is you, your friends, family, people in the communities. You came out in a way that certainly defied my expectations and many experts. You blew away turnout models. Amazing! Huge rejection for Donald Trump. Nobody has gotten the spanking he is getting in the general right now. So let's now getting interior into the race. Pennsylvania and Georgia. Let's do the story to each of how we got here.