CNN Pumps Up Biden Before Town Hall: Dismisses Trump

October 15th, 2020 7:34 PM

On Thursday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, Briana Keilar was all too happy to warp the facts to fit the prevailing leftist narrative. To accomplish this, the host brought on former Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron to assist in attacking the President for supposed “conspiracy theories” and then praise Joe Biden for his supposed ability to handle tough questions.

Cameron opined: “If a well-spoken Democrat gets a question for Trump, and he doesn't like it, it will be interesting to see what happens. Chances are in a well-spoken Republican gives Biden a question, he'll give him a straight answer.”

However, it remains to be seen if Joe Biden can handle the tough questions. Throughout the course of this campaign, he has been spared the tough questions. There have been a litany of days where the Biden campaign has called a full lid by morning.

When he has answered questions, they have mostly been softballs. A study conducted by the Media Research Center has noted that the “undecideds” at Biden’s previous town halls were not so undecided.

Praising Biden’s debate abilities was not the only thing on the agenda during the segment. The high and mighty also bemoaned:

Something say pushed by Fox and the President is completely refuted, it’s proven not to be true, like you had unmasking. You had the President’s voter fraud commission having to do with the 2016 election, it doesn’t find voter fraud. They just kind of move on to the next thing. But here it is in the bloodstream. Is that the strategy, repeat, repeat, no accountability, just move on?

Her guest was happy to swing at the pitch: “He’s been saying forever that Obama-gate or the unmasking was going to be the biggest scandal of the century, bigger than anything the country has ever had. That has now been dismissed, it's gone.”



There is still a litany of open questions regarding how the Russia investigation began with many having come recently. Keilar refused to see the hypocrisy of her own network when she declared that there was no accountability when a media network gets information wrong.

Readers will remember well how the Mueller investigation into Russian interference did not end in the silver bullet that networks like CNN insisted there would be. And just this year, the network hasn’t been willing to own up to getting facts wrong during the beginning of this pandemic.

This segment attempted to smear the President while lifting up their own preferred candidate.

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A transcript of the October 15th Coverage is included below

CNN Newsroom
2:29 p.m. Eastern

BRIANNA KEILAR: Former President Barack Obama speaking during a lengthy podcast interview with two former aides, on a range of topics, THIS includes President Trump’s endorsement of conspiracy theories. 

BARACK OBAMA: That is a problem that is going to outlast Trump. Trump is a symptom of it and an accelerant to it, but he did not create it. [Spliced Clip] When you look at insane conspiracy theories like qanon seeping into the mainstream of the Republican Party, what that tells you is that there are no more guardrails within that media ecosystem. And I think one of the biggest challenges all of us have. This is not just a Progressives versus right-wing issues. This is really a genuine American society issue; is how do we reestablish some baselines of truth that at least the vast majority of people can agree to. 

KEILAR: Joining me now is former Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron, currently the chief political correspondent for "Front Page Live." Carl, it’s great to see you. I wonder if you agree with former President Obama that this lives in the bloodstream beyond President Trump. 

CARL CAMERON [Former Fox News Chief Political Correspondent]: Sure it does. It has been made normal in a lot of parts of America, to believe whatever the incoming conspiracy theory might be. It's worth noting that Barack Obama was the first victim of that when Donald Trump created the birtherism movement suggesting he wasn’t a native born American citizen. That kind of thing is very real for Obama and Democrats. It's important to remember that conspiracy theoryism is not new and not unique to Trump and what happened to Barack Obama. In the modern era, all of this stuff really kind of started with the Kennedy assassination and the attempt to find out what really happened. And Americans from coast to coast were inundated with conspiracy theories. Then came Nixon. That wasn’t a conspiracy theory, that was a conspiracy crime, and he actually left the office. So this has been going on for a long time. It is not the fault of free speech. It is a fault of vocabulary, because too often people talk about the media and lump in straight fact-based news with the media. There's a huge difference between Facebook and Qanon and various different platforms online than organizations that work to tell the public the truth. Fact based news does exist. And unfortunately the President has attempted to corrupt it by mixing it in with an awful lot of garbage from the internet

KEILAR: When you think about some of that. When you think about some of the media that is not fact-based, there's never really no accountability. Something say pushed by Fox and the President is completely refuted, it’s proven not to be true, like you had unmasking. You had the President’s voter fraud commission having to do with the 2016 election, it doesn’t find voter fraud. They just kind of move on to the next thing. But here it is in the bloodstream. Is that the strategy, repeat, repeat, no accountability, just move on? 

CAMERON: Sure, but you can't just blame trump for things that he says that aren't true, or the conspiracies that he concocts in order to take down an opponent. He's had help! He’s had help from the U.S. Senate. He’s had help from the Republicans in Congress. He's had help from Republican Governors and Republican operatives all over the country. He’s been saying forever that Obama-gate or the unmasking was going to be the biggest scandal of the century, bigger than anything the country has ever had. That has now been dismissed, it's gone. Those Senators, those House members, those Republican office holders who bought into that conspiracy theoru, a false conspiracy, one that didn't ever exist, they have a lot to answer for. The news has a responsibility to talk about the falsehoods that politicians talk about on both sides. The media has become so bifurcated, such a wild wild west, that it can often shout down facts. That's part of the problem, and American voters going to the polls need to be discerning. Don't just buy into the stuff your friends and family send you on Facebook. That isn’t necessarily the news. It might be entertaining, but it isn't educating for a good vote. 

KEILAR: Tonight we have dueling town halls, are they going to be educating? Let’s see. You have Trump on NBC. Biden’s on ABC. Do you think NBC deserves the backlash for giving Trump a platform right opposite Biden at the same time when he refused to debate Joe Biden as scheduled? 

CAMERON: I don't understand the inside workings of either those two networks. The fact of the matter is the President refused to take part in a bipartisan commission that’s been around for almost half a century, and had said we'll have a town hall meeting, but it will be virtual because of coronavirus. That's just good health regulation at this point. And Trump said absolutely not. So, okay, then one network says, we'll give a town hall meeting with just Biden. It seems to me that now they're both at the same time, those two networks ought to basically say for the good of the country, they mesh the two toes and make Trump and Biden talk to each other across networks. Of course that's ridiculous and it's not going to happen, but that's what should have happened, is debate. And the one that refused to do it was Trump, not Biden. 

KEILAR: Carl, you've remember back to the primaries in 2016, Trump skipped a debate, a Republican debate in Iowa and he actually paid for it right? That didn’t go his way in the end. He had a big veterans event but in the end it wasn’t really good news for him and that didn't go for him. It didn’t go his way in the end, but I wonder what you think the outcome will be this time? Is it going to cost him? Or could this actually benefit him that he is not going to be debate.

CAMERON: Well, that kind of depends on the questions that come from the town hall. If a well-spoken Democrat gets a question for Trump, and he doesn't like it, it will be interesting to see what happens. Chances are in a well-spoken Republican gives Biden a question, he'll give him a straight answer. The Republican may not like it, but it's not likely to be the kind of thing we have seen from Trump over the course of the last four years. This is a really strange turn of events, and it's unfortunate the news operations are sort of caught in the middle of it. We should be having debates. We should very having conversations about the possible, instead of trying to break down the institutions and norms of what the American election has been in the past. The fact that we’ve got ballot issue questions, and that Trump’s saying the whole things should be a mess, it’s never been like that. No evidence in our history of the kind of stuff he’s been talking about. He’s making the election sound like a conspiracy theory.