Hysterical CNN Fabricates Quotes Claiming Trump's 'Okay With Violence'

September 25th, 2020 9:32 PM

It is common for New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota to obsess over and warp President Trump’s comments. Now she is escalating to just making up fake quotes in order to advance the interests of the Democratic Party. “What he said yesterday, basically it sounded like, he's okay with violence. If he loses, he's okay with violence.…He’s okay with it as long as he gets what he wants,” Camerota falsely proclaimed on the morning show.

During President Trump’s press conference on Wednesday afternoon, left-wing Playboy reporter and former CNN political analyst Brian Karem asked a leading question about whether the President will support a peaceful transition of power this November in light of the riots that are currently plaguing major cities across the country. Trump said it “depends,” and made comments about the integrity of the election.

It should be noted that the President did not even reference the riots in his response to Mr. Karem, it was the reporter who brought them up. This did not stop Camerota.

During the segment, Camerota became frantic, raising her voice and interrupting her guests to argue that President Trump wanted violence. When political commentator Scott Jennings stated he felt there would be a peaceful transition, she cried, “Why?! Why do you think that, Scott, when the President is saying it's conditional?” This went from attacking President Trump’s comments to openly pushing a false narrative.



This is part of a continued effort of the New Day hosts to support the Democratic nominee Joe Biden and ensure that he wins the presidency. The theme was not, "We need to ensure a fair election, a peaceful transition no matter the outcome of the election," but rather, "Trump is going to lose, and we need to ensure that he leaves peacefully." Bakari Sellers openly declared: “[Trump] will not be the valid winner after all of the ballots are counted.” It seems CNN has also decided the election results before the votes have been cast or counted.

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton advised Biden to “not concede under any circumstances and Biden himself is hiring hundreds of lawyers to prepare to challenge the results if he loses. Why aren’t the CNN hosts hysterical about whether or not he will accept the election outcome?

Not only is CNN creating a narrative that Trump is in favor of violence if he loses, they are doing the exact same thing they are accusing him of doing. They are stating that if Joe Biden does not win the White House this November, the results are not legitimate.

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CNN's New Day
6:27 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: President Trump just told us that for him, a peaceful transferal of power is conditional. Only if he gets what he wants. Mitt Romney is one of the people who is taking the President very seriously about these comments. He tweeted, fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transfer of power. Without that, there is Belarus. Any suggestion that a President may not no respect this constitutional guarantee is unthinkable and unacceptable. Joining us to discuss this are CNN Political commentators Bakari Sellers and Scott Jennings. Great to have both of you here. Bakari, what did you hear in the President's words? 

BAKARI SELLERS [CNN Political Commentator]: Well, I think it's something to be very terrified about. The President in his mind only believes that either he wins the election or the election was rigged. There's no third alternative there. But Democrats, we have to calm down. I hear this question a lot, you know, what happens if he doesn't leave. We have to beat him first. And I think that we have to focus on what's hand, which is beating the President of the United States and beating him soundly. 

CAMEROTA: I don't know if it matters, Bakari. What he said yesterday, basically it sounded like, he's okay with violence. If he loses, he's okay with violence. When Brian Karem said, but there's rioting in the streets, and he said, well get rid of the balloting. He’s okay with it as long as he gets what he wants.

SELLERS: We know that he's okay with his type of violence. We know that he's okay with violence that is done in his name. That's not new. But I want people to focus on, what I'm trying to get people to focus on over the next 40 days, none of this will matter if he doesn't, you know, lose this election. So you have to focus on what you can control now. I do believe that on January 20th, and this is my faith in this country and my faith in democracy, that whoever loses will ride from the White House with whoever the former President is or whoever loses the election and we'll have a peaceful transfer of power, regardless of what the President may say. 

CAMEROTA: Scott, what did you hear in the president's comments? 

SCOTT JENNINGS [CNN Political Commentator]: There's only one answer to that question, and that is, of course, we'll have a peaceful transition of power. I agree with Senator Romney. Any suggestion to the contrary is not right. And no one should be making it. It's the wrong answer. The President has raised these questions about the mail-in ballots and that's not a new topic for him. But to go from that question and then to try to talk about that in the same breath was a huge mistake yesterday. And my suspicion is, this reminds me of a few weeks ago, Alisyn, when he talked about, maybe we should delay the election, and you had the elected leadership and the party leadership of both parties unified in saying, that's not happening, and that was quickly abandoned. I think if he persists in this, you'll see both parties' leaders unify around a message of, that's not going to happen, Mr. President. 


JENNINGS: I agree with Bakari, by the way. I think we will have a peaceful transition -- 

CAMEROTA: Why?! Why do you think that, Scott, when the President is saying it's conditional? 

JENNINGS: Because the President of the United States does not have the ability to just upend, you know, all the tradition and history we have in this country of a peaceful transition of power. I don’t --

CAMEROTA: But he does -- Scott, I want you to help everybody feel better --

JENNINGS: -- I think the weight of our institutions and the weight of the momentum of our democracy is going to prevent it. 

CAMEROTA: Who's going to stop him? Who’s going to stop him?

SELLERS: The Secret Service. 

CAMEROTA: But I’m talking about --

SELLERS: The Secret Service is going to come in -- 

CAMEROTA: -- but what he's doing is ginning up his supporters. He's not saying that he's activating the military. He's ginning up his ardent supporters to go out into the streets. That's why Brian Karem says, there's rioting in the streets. And the President says, well, get rid of the ballots, then it will be peaceful. He likes the rioting in the streets is what he's saying. 

SELLERS: I don’t disagree with that.

CAMEROTA: How is anybody going to stop that? 

SELLERS: I don't disagree with that. I think we're talking about two different things, though. I don't disagree with the fact that he wants chaos. I don't disagree with the fact that he wants mayhem. I don't disagree with the fact that we may have some hint of fragility in this country after November 3rd. There is a legitimate possibility that on election night, Donald Trump is leading this race. But he will not be the valid winner after all of the ballots are counted. And that will be moments of fragility in this country, where he wants to gin up supporters, where he wants to have mayhem and violence in the streets. That is a fact. There also is another fact, though, that after he loses this election, that on noon on January 20th, there will be secret service agents that escort him to a helicopter that will take him wherever in the world he wants to go. Both of those things --

CAMEROTA: I'm not actually talking about him staying in the White House. I think that as of yesterday, there's a bigger concern. I don't think that him just establishing squatter's rights in the White House is our biggest concern anymore, Scott. I really don't. I think that it's now that he's open for business when it comes to violence. He said as much. Scott? 

JENNINGS: Yeah, I didn't hear him talk about violence yesterday. I heard him make a very, very poor response to a legitimate question. And so I think you're reading into something that he didn't say. I would -- 

CAMEROTA: He certainly didn't shut it down. 

JENNINGS: -- Bakari raised a good point, though, about the period of time between election night and the few weeks that persist. Because it's clear, based on the voting systems in several of the states, that we are going to be counting ballots for a period of time. And so we do have to have a valid winner. And we will have a valid winner. And that should be the point. And everybody's vote should count. Everybody who cast a legal ballot should have their votes counted and when we count those votes, we should have a legal and valid winner. And that's the process we should want. And when it’s over we’ll transition. That’s the message and it's no more complicated than that. 

CAMEROTA: I hope you guys are right. I hope. I like how sanguine you are. I hope that it's right.