Reuters Reporter is Source for His Own Story

I think I’ve heard it all now…a NY Times Op-Ed writer plagarizing himself, and now a Reuters reporter who is his own source. The MSM sure knows how to find quality talent. Hat tip to Jammie Wearing Fool who says:

I think I’ve seen it all now. An story from Reuters reporter Noor Mohammad Sherzai quotes extensively from … Noor Mohammad Sherzai.

And Sherzai claims U.S. troops opened fire on civilians in Afghanistan.

If this story is proven to be bogus, will he claim he misquoted himself?

The Reuters article, titled U.S. fire scatters crowd after Afghan bomb, starts out with “By Noor Mohammad Sherzai”. Later in the article it goes on to say:

“I saw everything,” said Reuters correspondent Noor Mohammad Sherzai. “I saw the suicide bomb attack …

“I saw the fire brigade vehicle rushing to the area at top speed, somehow its brakes failed and hit one police vehicle and coalition vehicles, then the Americans started firing at the people and everyone lay flat on the ground and then fled the area.”

Sherzai said a number of people had been wounded in the attack, but he did not know how many. “I ran away to save my own life.”

Sherzai and other reporters at the scene said many shots were fired and Afghan police were among those fleeing the scene.

“I was running away as fast as I could, but some of the police overtook me,” Sherzai said. The police, he said, “were very angry because the Americans were shooting and wanted to shoot back but others stopped them”.

Glenn Reynolds says:


Indeed, I would think they could find another reporter just to make the story a little more credible.


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